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New Climate Economy Report

This report investigates evidence that current development policies result in economically excessive sprawl. It defines sprawl and its alternative, smart growth; describes costs and benefits of sprawl, and estimates their magnitude; identifies policy distortions that encourage sprawl; discusses factors to consider when determining the optimal amount and type of urban expansion for various types of cities; discusses the implications of this analysis for rapidly urbanizing countries; identifies potential policy reforms that could result in more efficient and equitable development patterns, and describes examples of their implementation; and discusses criticisms of sprawl cost studies and smart growth policies.

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New Climate Economy Report


The WalkUP Wake-Up Call: Boston

The WalkUP Wake-Up Call: Boston

Metro Boston is on the leading edge of the national structural shift towards walkable urbanism. In Boston, the weighted-average valuation for walkable urban real estate is 37 percent higher than drivable sub-urban real estate in the region, according to “The WalkUP Wake-Up Call: Boston,” a new report. The report makes the case that walkable communities make good sense by ranking the city’s neighborhoods for walkability, and measuring economic performance by real estate valuations, fiscal revenues generated for local government and social equity performance.

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The WalkUP Wake-Up Call



"The more successfully a city mingles everyday diversity of uses and users in its everyday streets, the more successfully, casually (and economically) its people thereby enliven and support well-located parks that can thus give back grace and delight to their neighborhoods instead of vacuity."

Jane Jacobs, author
The Death and Life of Great American Cities


APA Conference

Meeting the Demand for Walkable Places

April 29 – May 2, 2015
Adolphus Hotel
Dallas, TX 75202

This year’s theme looks at the forces driving the desire for more urban lifestyles. Join us to network, learn and collaborate with the top real estate developers, architects, public officials, planners, architects and advocates working to make our cities better places.

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SGN Image Libraries

This compilation contains links to more than two dozen online collections with thousands of images that illustrate smart growth principles.


Smart Growth Network

Find out who participates in the Smart Growth Network (SGN) and how they can help your community.