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Smart Growth Event Calendar

Road Diets: Improving Safety for All Road Users March 3 webinar

​Road Diets, converting four-lane undivided roadways to three lanes – two through lanes and a two-way-left-turn-lane – are listed as a Federal Highway Administration proven safety measure. New cross sections can potentially improve safety, reduce speed differential, and/or improve accessibility for transit users, pedestrians and bicyclists.This webinar is one of a free series offered quarterly as part of FHWA’s Pedestrian Safety Focus States and Cities initiatives. 1-2:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 3.

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Webinar: Building Equity: Race, Class and Protected Bike Lanes, March 4

The new report from PeopleForBikes, “Building Equity: Race, Class and Protected Bike Lanes,” makes the case for bicycling infrastructure as an equity tool. Presenters review the research and data and delve into the concepts highlighted by the domestic and international case studies featured in the report. City staff and bicycling advocates should attend this webinar to learn how to bring a productive discussion of equity to their communities. 3-4 p.m. EST, Wednesday, March 4.

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The AIA’s 41th annual Grassroots Leadership and Legislative Conference, March 4-6

Guided by a vision for the future of the profession, the conference provides The American Institute of Architects’ (AIA) leaders with tools to influence and pursue action that will strengthen their firms, communities and society at large. The conference provides opportunities for creative dialogue through general sessions, workshops, networking and peer-to-peer connections. Leaders will exchange information and ideas, provide input on AIA initiatives and advocate the AIA’s federal agenda to members of Congress, working collectively toward a better future for architects.

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2015 National Bike Summit, March 10-12, 2015, Washington, D.C.

​The theme of the 2015 National Bike Summit perfectly describes the League’s new strategic direction: bikes add value in so many ways. Instead of saying “Look at what the bike has done for us!” we’re asking “How can the bike help you achieve your goals?” – whether you’re a health professional, community planner, traffic engineer, neighborhood leader, tourism agency, grandmother or student. That’s a significant shift – and we’ll be listening and learning from many of these groups during the Summit.


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TFN 101: Getting to Know Your Funders' Network, 2-3 pm EST, March 11

Join The Funders’ Network (TFN) on Wednesday, March 11 from 2 - 3 pm EST for a lively conversation with TFN members representing local, regional, and national foundations. You will hear about their work and involvement in TFN’s programs; learn about TFN, its working groups, collaboratives, and learning events; and preview the upcoming annual conference in Los Angeles. This call offers an excellent opportunity for first-time Funders’ Network conference attendees, new members of TFN, and other interested funders to become better acquainted with the vision, mission and programs of the Funders’ Network. 2-3 pm EST, March 11.

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Webinar: Creative Rural-Urban Alliances, 4-5 p.m. EST, March 12

​In many parts of the country real and perceived differences divide rural and urban communities. Divisions rooted in competing political priorities, divergent cultural norms, and disparate socio-economic conditions often prevent conversations about shared interests. The emerging practice of rural-urban cooperation capitalizes on the unique assets of both places to bridge divides, build mutual understanding, and infuse creative energy into community and economic development. Join this free webinar on March 12 from 4-5 pm EST for inspiration on creative urban and rural connections that could happen in your area.

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Category: Events, Webinars, Urban, rural

The Funders' Network Annual Conference: Registration now open

If you want to learn from a network of national and place-based funders and leading practitioners and explore how funding smart growth and development initiatives can increase the impact of your grant making, then this conference is for you. The Funders’ Network will convene its 2015 Annual conference March 16-18 in Los Angeles. Registration is open to staff, directors, trustees, and donors of grant-making institutions.

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Webinar: Biking and Communities of Color: Friend or Foe? 1 p.m. March 18

Biking in communities of color is not new, yet, in so many neighborhoods, the appearance of protected lanes is deemed the beginning of gentrification. This webinar, part of a series from Safe Routes to School National Partnership, demonstrates how bike advocates around the country are showing biking as a solution to community revitalization and not a trigger for displacement. 1 p.m. EST, Wednesday, March 18.

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