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Brownfield Transformed in Milwaukee

The city of Milwaukee has transformed one of Wisconsin's most visible brownfields into a model of redevelopment. A 140-acre former manufacturing site is now the Menomonee Valley Industrial Center and Community Park. The new center supports 60 acres of i… more »
News, Wisconsin –  Apr. 3, 2014

Walkable Communities Increase Visibility in Texas

An article in the Texas Tribune highlighted the increased visibility of walkable communities across the Lone Star State. Pockets of walkable, mixed-use development have existed in Texas for years, especially in the major downtown areas of the bigger cit… more »
News, Texas –  Apr. 3, 2014

"Green Code" Could Help Revitalize Downtown Buffalo

According to an opinion piece in The Buffalo News, downtown Buffalo is seeing a resurgence that is helping fill long-empty spaces in the city's urban core. The city is implementing a "Green Code" to help guide this redevelopment. This new code will empl… more »
News, New York –  Apr. 3, 2014

MDOT to Offer Walkability Reviews in Six Michigan Communities

The Michigan Department of Transportation is offering a series of walkability reviews in six communities around the state, designed to teach the basic principles of walkability from a non-technical perspective. The reviews will help local administrators… more »
News, Michigan –  Apr. 3, 2014

San Francisco Embraces Plan to Eliminate Pedestrian Traffic Fatalities

An article in the San Francisco Examiner explores the city's commitment to "Vision Zero," a plan to eliminate traffic deaths within the city in the next ten years. Better street design is at the core of the city's plan, including wider use of traffic-ca… more »
News, California –  Apr. 3, 2014

Cities Ranked on Walkable Access to Grocery Stores

Walk Score has developed a new ranking of the best and worst American cities for walkable access to food. The organization cross-referenced millions of walking routes with a database of grocery store locations, then ranked cities according to the share… more »
News, NATIONAL –  Apr. 3, 2014

America's Biggest Cities Growing Faster than Smaller Metros and Rural Areas

About 40 percent of the nation's largest metropolitan populations grew faster than the national average, according to an article on website. Many large metros grew two to three times faster than the average. An influx of immigrants… more »
News, NATIONAL –  Apr. 3, 2014

Dallas Residents Look Favorably on Walkable Community Design

Although Dallas rapidly suburbanized in the 1950s and 1960s, much of downtown Dallas remained untouched. Paradoxically this past focus on suburban development may have made it easier to create walkable areas today in downtown Dallas, since downtown neig… more »
News, Texas –  Mar. 21, 2014

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