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21,000 Voices Tell Congress to Support Federal Bike/Ped Funding

The current federal surface transportation bill will expire on May 31. Recognizing that now is the time for supporters of trails, walking and biking to have their say, 21,000 supporters signed the Petition for Trail Funding, which the Rails-to-Trails Co… more »
News, transportation, bike, bicycle, walkable –  Apr. 20, 2015

Tactical Urbanists Are Improving Cities, One Rogue Fix at a Time

Frustrated by the syrup-slow pace and red tape of the traditional civic change process, citizens across the country are bypassing the bureaucratic machine and undertaking quick, low-cost city improvements without government sanction. They’re creating po… more »
News, urbanism –  Apr. 20, 2015

Transit, Walkability Key Factors in Kaiser Permanente’s Decision to Put 900 Jobs in Midtown

When Kaiser Permanente was looking for a site for its new innovation and information technology hub for 900 new employees, the company sought public transit and a walkable community. Read more more »
News, transit, walkable –  Apr. 17, 2015

L.A. Builds Tiny Parks at Furious Pace

For all of its natural wonders, Los Angeles ranks among the most park-poor cities in the country. Too many residents have no easy access to a walking path or even a ball field. Over the past three years, the Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Park… more »
News, California, Urban, neighborhood, parks, Los Angeles –  Apr. 16, 2015

Chicago Starts Work on New Downtown Bus Rapid Transit Lanes

Chicago has begun construction of bus rapid transit lanes downtown. Officials hope the project, which also includes bike lanes and canopied bus stops, will ease downtown congestion and better connect the city's east and west ends. Read more more »
News, Illinois, transportation, Bus –  Apr. 16, 2015

Bringing New Life to Old Town Burleson, Texas

​Old Town Burleson, Texas, has many opportunities for placemaking and new pedestrian-oriented development that could enhance the identity of the suburb. Burleson received "low-bono" advising from some of the best minds in the field, courtesy of CN… more »
News, Texas, communities, placemaking –  Apr. 15, 2015

Young Smart People Like Dense, Walkable Communities so Top Companies Are Moving There

​Companies know that their greatest asset is human capital. And they have quickly realized that a lot of young smart people want to live and work in dense walkable communities, and they are moving to where people already want to be. Read more more »
News, walking, Community –  Apr. 15, 2015

Urban Farming Ramps Up in Sacramento with Passage of New Ordinance

A new City of Sacramento ordinance allows people operating micro farms to voluntarily enter into a contract with the city, which will reduce property taxes for sites with urban agriculture. It also allows utilitarian farm structures, such as hoop houses… more »
News, California, Farming, Urban, urban farming –  Apr. 14, 2015

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