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Placemaking: Fueling Detroit’s Resurgence

​Urban planners are constantly searching for innovative ways to create more attractive and efficient cities. In major cities across the world, planners are adopting placemaking and using it as a tool to catalyze environmental, economic and social… more »
News, Michigan, streets, Urban, City Planning –  Mar. 4, 2015

Placemaking and Place-Led Development: A New Paradigm for Cities of the Future

To begin thinking differently about the ways we create, plan, and experience urban life, governments at all levels must recognize the formation of public spaces and places as the core incremental process of city-making. What is more, given its power to… more »
News, Urban, cities –  Mar. 4, 2015

Our Infrastructure's Crucial Need: Resiliency

Today, we live in a world of heightened risk as we face down threats from weather-related disasters to terrorism. At the same time, we are witnessing unprecedented technological and social change. That means we must plan for a future we can barely imagi… more »
News, infrastructure –  Mar. 3, 2015

Young People are Pulling Jobs Back to City Centers

​Talented young people are moving to urban centers, raising the skill level of the labor force and attracting the attention of businesses. As a result, some of the job sprawl that took place in the early 2000s has started to swing back to cities,… more »
News, Urban, data, City Planning –  Mar. 3, 2015

The Economic Value of a Unique Place

When it comes to communities, aesthetics and design are economics, because they are critical to creating a unique place. Ed McMahon makes his case in a fascinating 17-minute TED talk that should be watched by every tourism board and planner in America.… more »
News, communities, economy –  Mar. 3, 2015

Small Homes Make Better Cities

While living in tight quarters may seem like a negative trade-off for living in a city, it is also part of what makes cities great. Smaller homes require more activities to be experienced in the public realm. Activities performed in public create more v… more »
News, Urban, urbanism, City Planning –  Mar. 2, 2015

Native American Pueblo of Ohkay Owingeh in New Mexico Unites to Save Ancient Dwellings

The American Southwest contains many deserted (or nearly deserted) pueblos that only fill with people during tribal gatherings. They remain central to native spiritual practices, but they too often carry the haunted air of halfabandoned ruins. Owe’neh B… more »
News, New Mexico, Urban, archaeology –  Mar. 2, 2015

Going Green: Pedestrian Accessibility Enhances Urban Vitality in Buffalo

​Buffalo’s Green Code will enhance urban vitality and promote healthy living by encouraging walking, bicycling and public transportation. City planners have used the development of a new city zoning ordinance, the Green Code – to be adopted in the… more »
News, communities, bicycle, green –  Feb. 27, 2015

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