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Announcing the recipients of Smart Growth America’s 2015 free technical assistance

EPA grantee Smart Growth America announced the 14 communities it has selected to receive free technical assistance to help communities build stronger local economies, protect the environment, preserve sense of place, and improve the quality of life. Eac… more »
News, communities –  Dec. 22, 2014

Bus Rapid Transit Nearly Quadruples Over Ten Years

Bus rapid transit has grown by 383 percent in the last ten years, according to new data released by ITDP. As cities around the world discover the benefits and cost effectiveness of BRT, they have built hundreds of systems across dozens of countries that… more »
News –  Dec. 22, 2014

Lessons from 10 Years of Sustainability in Grand Rapids, Mich.

​It was one of the first cities to join a nationwide movement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in 2005. The city's director of energy and sustainability looks back at what's changed in the past decade.… more »
News, Michigan, energy –  Dec. 22, 2014

Environmental Risks Becoming Part of Bond Assessments

Municipal bond investors have started asking governments to disclose their area's environmental hazards, but a lot of the information they want is not yet known. more »
News, environment –  Dec. 22, 2014

Introducing the Latest, More Powerful Generation of Land Banks

Since the 1970s, land banks have been tools in the fight against the urban ills caused by vacant and abandoned properties. The non-profit authorities attempt to stabilize home values in neighborhoods, thwart crime, and attract development by acquiring t… more »
News –  Dec. 22, 2014

D.C. plans experiment for downtown parking

One of the most congested travel zones in downtown Washington will become a lab for experiments in street parking regulation. As with so many other transportation programs across the D.C. region, the goal is to make better use of street space rather tha… more »
News, District of Columbia, parking –  Dec. 22, 2014

Mapping how 530 global cities use their water

A recent Nature Conservancy analysis has thrown some ice cold H20 on our enthusiastic, hourly use of water. As more people migrate into cities, as many as one billion urbanites may soon be limited to living on 100 liters (or 26.4 gallons) of water per d… more »
News –  Dec. 22, 2014

High hopes for a more walkable America

There are few things more basic to human life than walking. We lost sight of this fact over recent decades, building new communities all over the world where moving on foot is dangerous or unappealing if not downright impossible. That’s beginning to cha… more »
News, America –  Dec. 22, 2014

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