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Urbanizing a Suburban Colorado Mall

A ten-year project to redevelop a 1960s mall site in Lakewood is nearing completion, according to the Urban Land Institute. The redeveloped 104-acre site is now a thriving pedestrian-friendly center with almost a million square feet of retail space, 269… more »
News, Colorado –  Sep. 18, 2013

Car-Free Community Spaces Offer Benefits

Car-free community spaces integrated with traditional street infrastructure can provide economic, social, and health benefits. Metropolis magazine recently highlighted some examples of car-free community spaces, and offered five tips for city planners t… more »
News, NATIONAL –  Sep. 18, 2013

Parking Requirements Impact Apartment Rents

Parking requirements can significantly impact baseline rents in new apartment buildings, according to Sightline Daily. Even relatively modest off-street parking requirements can increase the per-unit cost for a developer by about 50 percent. To learn m… more »
News, NATIONAL –  Sep. 18, 2013

Protected Bike Lanes an Attractive Option for US Cities

Protected bike lanes are "the next frontier in biking infrastructure," according to an article in The Nation's Health. The 8-foot-wide, two-way bike lanes are built between the sidewalk and parked cars, with flexible white posts used to further divide t… more »
News, NATIONAL –  Sep. 18, 2013

Children More Physically Active in Smart Growth Neighborhoods

Children who live in neighborhoods that incorporate smart growth principles are more physically active than those in conventional neighborhoods, according to a recent study published in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine. The children living… more »
News, NATIONAL –  Sep. 18, 2013

Philadelphia Developments Turning Neighborhoods Green

Philadelphia has blossomed as a site for green neighborhood developments, according to a recent online article from New mixed-use developments in both North and South Philadelphia are underway, and are seeking Platinum Neighborhood… more »
News, Pennsylvania –  Sep. 5, 2013

Hamburg Street Redesign Increases Safety, Property Values

A recent article in The New York Times spotlights the village of Hamburg, New York, which redesigned its Main Street to slow traffic. The changes have also inspired business investment and civic activity. In the two years since the street reconstruction… more »
News, New York –  Sep. 4, 2013

Proposed Zoning Would Encourage Density in Brooklyn

After more than a year of community meetings, New York City's Department of City Planning has released proposed zoning changes to encourage high-density residential and commercial development in the Brooklyn community of East New York. The goal of the p… more »
News, New York –  Sep. 4, 2013

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