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Missouri Named "Best Trails State" for Biking

The state of Missouri was recently named the "Best Trails State" by American Trails, a national not-for-profit group that advocates building trails for hiking, biking, and riding. Missouri's Katy Trail, a 237-mile gravel-packed route built on an old rai… more »
News, Missouri –  May. 29, 2013

Setting Priorities is Key to Sustainable Development in Northampton

Chris Mason, energy and sustainability officer for Northampton, said at a recent conference that prioritization is a key component of a sustainability strategy in his small community of under 30,000 residents. Recent Northampton successes include reduci… more »
News, Massachusetts –  May. 29, 2013

New State Law Expands Financing Options for Sustainable Community Development

A new Maryland law expands municipalities' and counties' authority to use tax increment financing for infrastructure improvements supporting sustainable community development. The new legislation enables local governments to make important infrastructur… more »
News, Maryland –  May. 29, 2013

Historic Preservation Analysis Reveals Positive Impact on Communities

According to the Iowa Economic Development Authority, the Main Street Iowa program is accomplishing its mission of helping Iowa communities use their historic downtowns and neighborhoods as effective vehicles for economic development. A recent analysis… more »
News, Iowa –  May. 29, 2013

Southeast Florida Development Plan Development Launched

One of the most ambitious planning efforts ever seen in Florida is now underway. Called Seven50, the plan aims to chart a coordinated, integrated future for the development of Southeast Florida's seven counties over the next 50 years. The two-year plann… more »
News, Florida –  May. 29, 2013

HUD's Shelley Poticha to Lead NRDC's New Urban Solutions Program

The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) has announced that it will be launching a new program titled "Urban Solutions." The program will focus on promotion of transportation choices through better regional planning; a scaled-up energy efficiency ef… more »
News, NATIONAL –  May. 29, 2013

Partnership for Sustainable Communities Identified as a Model for Collaboration

The Urban Institute has been studying the HUD-EPA-DOT Partnership for Sustainable Communities to increase understanding of how the federal government could break down institutional or political barriers to cooperative and collaborative efforts. Their fi… more »
News, NATIONAL –  May. 29, 2013

Seattle Unveils Plan to Become Carbon Neutral

Seattle city leaders recently unveiled a new climate action plan for the city. The new plan sets a goal of making Seattle carbon neutral (with zero net emissions of greenhouse gases) by 2050, with many of the action items initiated within the next 15 ye… more »
News, Washington –  May. 16, 2013

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