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Walkable Communities’ Really Do Work

Less driving and more physical activity and social interactions result when people live in pedestrian-oriented, activity-friendly developments known as “walkable communities,” according to a study led by Texas A&M University Professor of Architectur… more »
Guidebooks, Community –  Jan. 27, 2015

Quality of Life, (E)quality of Place: Growing Local Economies through Equitable Transit-Oriented Development

​​Rail transit anchors downtowns and neighborhoods in communities throughout Chicago’s northern suburbs and across the region, but many of these communities are falling behind in creating mixed-income transit-oriented development. This guide… more »
rail transit –  Jan. 27, 2015

A RainReady Nation: Protecting American Homes and Businesses in a Changing Climate

As storms become increasingly destructive, homes and businesses face a heightened risk of urban flooding, even when they aren’t located in formally designated floodplains. The Center for Neighborhood Technology's RainReady program offers innovative, co… more »
Guidebooks, Neighborhood –  Jan. 27, 2015

Interactive Tool: What Will America Look Like in 2030?

What will America look like in 2030? The nation's population is aging and becoming more diverse, but how will those trends play out at the local and regional levels, and how will they affect the population in different cities and states? The Urban Insti… more »
Interactive –  Jan. 26, 2015

Sustainability and Climate Change: Giving Teachers the Tools

Climate scientists at San Jose State, partnered with Creative Change, set out this fall to give middle school teachers the tools they need to teach students about the causes and impacts of climate change as well as strategies to engage students in solut… more »
Online workshop materials, California –  Jan. 23, 2015

Third Edition of “The Innovative DOT” Provides New Tools for States Looking to Improve Transportation While Reducing Costs

​State transportation officials across the country are facing the same challenges: Revenues are falling and budgets are shrinking but transportation demands are continuing to grow. The third edition of The Innovative DOT, released January 12, prov… more »
Guidebooks, transportation –  Jan. 14, 2015

LPI Releases Study of Placemaking Views and Value of 11 Midwest Cities

A report detailing the views and values of placemaking in Michigan, the Midwest and the nation is now available from the Michigan State University Land Policy Institute. “Rebuilding Prosperous Places in Michigan” brings together much of the findings fro… more »
Guidebooks, Cities –  Jan. 9, 2015

Innovation Challenge Program for Coal-reliant Counties and Regions

The National Association of Counties and the National Association of Development Organizations (NADO) Research Foundation, with the support of the U.S. Economic Development Administration, has launched a new partnership to support county and regional le… more »
Guidebooks, economy –  Jan. 6, 2015

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