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New Climate Economy Report: Analysis of Public Policies That Unintentionally Encourage and Subsidize Urban Sprawl

​This report investigates evidence that current development policies result in economically excessive sprawl. It defines sprawl and its alternative, smart growth; describes costs and benefits of sprawl, and estimates their magnitude; identifies po… more »
Guidebooks, urban, economy, Climate –  Mar. 27, 2015

Creating and Preserving Affordable Housing Through the Federal Transit Capital Investment Program

​The Federal Transit Administration has formalized the linkage between transit projects and affordable housing, requiring applications for New Starts funding to address affordable housing. This policy brief, prepared by MZ Strategies, examines how… more »
Guidebooks, transportation, rail transit, Transit –  Mar. 25, 2015

HUD Green Infrastructure and the Sustainable Communities Initiative Report

The Green Infrastructure and the Sustainable Communities Initiative report, published by HUD’s Office of Economic Resilience, shares the green infrastructure best practices and outputs of 30 grantees under HUD’s Sustainable Communities Initiative (SCI).… more »
Guidebooks, Sustainability, Communities, Infrastructure –  Mar. 24, 2015

Cities, the Sharing Economy, and What's Next

​It is safe to say that the sharing economy is thriving - it is upending traditional industries, disrupting local regulatory environments and serving as a benchmark for innovation and growth. This National League of Cities report provides an analy… more »
Guidebooks, cities, economy –  Mar. 23, 2015

The WalkUP Wake-Up Call: Boston

Bikes might be hogging the trend spotlight these days, but cities are smart to cater to those who move by shoe. Metro Boston is on the leading edge of the national structural shift towards walkable urbanism. In Boston, the weighted-average valuation for… more »
Guidebooks, cities, Cities, urban, walking, Boston –  Mar. 23, 2015

National Association of Realtors' Placemaking Toolkit

Placemaking is simply a way of creating a place in a community where people want to visit and be. These places are welcoming, safe, comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, usable, accessible and invite interaction. The National Association of Realtors crea… more »
Guidebooks, Toolkits, Community, Placemaking –  Mar. 19, 2015

Measuring What We Value: Setting Priorities and Evaluating Success in Transportation

How do we justify transportation expenditures? To many people, the perception is that project decisions are made in a mysterious process, or through a political process where only the projects with the most connections get funded. Further, it is not cle… more »
Guidebooks, transportation –  Mar. 16, 2015

New Platform Connects Designers Working in “Legacy” Cities

Many legacy cities, cities that have lost more than 50 percent of their population since their peak, are doing interesting and innovative design work. In response to the desire of designers in legacy cities to stay connected, the J. Max Bond Center on D… more »
Guidebooks, Population –  Mar. 13, 2015

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