Can the C&O Canal Make Georgetown Hip Again? New York’s High Line Architects Are Going to Try

​Georgetown Heritage, a nonprofit formed to rethink the narrow one-mile, nine-acre portion of the canal in Washington, D.C., has hired the architect of Manhattan’s High Line in hopes of creating an equally buzzy, reimagined urban park along the now-staid industrial strip of land. It’s part of a broader plan to once again make the historic neighborhood a leading destination in the city amid competition from other booming neighborhoods. Read more... Read more

Growing Wisconsin City to State DOT: We Don’t Want Your Highway

​There’s millions of dollars of funding set aside in Wisconsin’s budget for a highway that would pass through La Crosse, a riverfront city in the western part of the state. But many people in La Crosse don’t want that highway to be built. ​The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) set aside $80 million for a major road project in 1998, but officials are pushing for improvements to walking, biking and public transportation options, as well as asking the state to... Read more

Design Lansing: A Plan for the Future

​Design Lansing uses smart growth principles in its comprehensive plan that represents a new direction for the city, blending the strengths of the community with time-tested development patterns and new thinking. These concepts help improve sustainability, livability, and quality of life, including placemaking, green infrastructure, green development, and complete streets. Read more... Read more

Transit Innovations Needed to Connect Milwaukee Area Workers to Jobs

​The distance between the end of fixed-route bus service and the doors of large employers in the Milwaukee area is a major barrier to filling job vacancies. Known as the “last mile,” this disconnect between workplaces and the reach of public transportation for people without cars is as much of a problem in the city as it is in suburban communities. A new study by the Public Policy Forum recommends several options for eliminating the gap. Read more... Read more

Where Are the Nation’s Young Homebuyers Now? Pittsburgh, DC and Des Moines

​ Millennials in Pittsburgh, Washington D.C., and Des Moines are pursuing home ownership more than their counterparts in any of the nation’s 100 largest cities, according to a new study by LendingTree, the online loan marketplace. These young homebuyers are at the forefront of a growing nationwide trend of young buyers returning to the housing market. Read more... Read more

Hudson Yards: Innovative Financing Is Developing NYC’s Last Frontier

​Less than a mile west of Times Square along the shore of the Hudson River, workers are transforming Manhattan’s last frontier of developable land into millions of square feet of office, residential, and commercial space — one of the largest private real estate projects in U.S. history. At Hudson Yards, a massive, 37,000-ton platform will cover dozens of acres of live train tracks. The development, 45 square blocks of rail yard and industrial land between 30th to 42nd streets, will... Read more

Autonomous Vehicles: Hype and Potential

  Every new transportation technology affects the geography of communities and the structure of people’s lives. Autonomous vehicles (AVs) are one such technology. Just as the freeway system or the streetcar network shaped past cities and lifestyles, AVs will remake the metropolis once again. The question is how and with what unintended consequences? As with most technology, the answer turns on how the technology is used. Read more... Read more
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